Reflashing Android smartphones has become much easier

Google introduced the Android Flash Tool.
Google introduced the new Android Flash Tool. Mainly the service is intended for developers and enthusiasts. It will simplify the process of installing Android assemblies on different mobile devices.

The Android Flash Tool allows you to quickly flash new Pixel smartphones and Android devices for development. The tool requires a large amount of free space on the computer’s drive – at least 10 GB.

The Android Flash Tool does not work with devices running the Chrome OS operating system, as well as Android tablets. However, Google may implement their support in the future.

To install the Android assembly on your smartphone, you need to follow three simple steps: connect the mobile device using the USB cable to the computer, select the firmware to install and then install it.

Both builds with “clean” Android and third-party firmware are supported under the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) project. For beginners, a new tool can be a real salvation, since installing third-party Android builds can be quite difficult.

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