Redmi K30 with 5G support will be released this year, and K30 Pro – only in the next

At the moment, the most anticipated Xiaomi smartphone is the CC9 Pro. It will be presented today, and tomorrow its clone for the international market – Mi Note 10 should be released.

Next, we are promised the top-end Mi Note 10 Pro. Will there be any other important smartphones of the company this year? According to an insider, there will be at least one.

It’s about the Redmi K30 model, about which there are not so many rumors. The device is credited with 5G support, moreover, implemented through the MediaTek platform. We also know that it is Redmi K30 that will be the first from the manufacturer to receive a screen with a hole for the front camera.

In addition, the K30 Pro also expects us, but the source claims that smartphones will be presented separately. More specifically, the Redmi K30 will be released before the end of this year, but the Redmi K30 Pro – sometime next. Moreover, there are not even rumors about its parameters, although it can be assumed that he will still get some kind of Qualcomm platform with 5G support.

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