The glass smartphone Redmi K20 was almost indestructible

Xiaomi and Redmi have repeatedly said that they regularly try to improve the build quality, strength and security of their smartphones.

Despite the fact that many modern smartphones do not officially correspond to some degree of protection, they often withstand immersion in water and even falls on hard surfaces.

The Redmi K20 smartphone, which was released in other countries under the name Xiaomi Mi 9T, has become a real bestseller. One of the users told how his smartphone survived the extreme situation on the road.

At full speed, the smartphone fell out the window, after which two large SUVs drove through it. When the owner stopped and returned for the smartphone to pick it up from the road, he saw that the screen turned black. The first thought is that the smartphone ordered a long life, but after pressing the power button, the smartphone turned on, while the touch screen works the same as before the incident.

The front of the glass damage turned out to be quite a bit, the main blow fell on the rear panel. But it can be stated that the Redmi K20 passed the test with honor as for an unprotected glass smartphone.

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