Realme may be ahead of Samsung in sales in India

We already reported that in the third quarter of this year, Realme sold more than 10 million smartphones, improving the result of the same period of 2018 by a shocking 808%.

In just a year and a half, Realme managed to not only break into the top ten most successful manufacturers of smartphones, but also occupy an honorable seventh place in it. The total sales of the company’s smartphones during this time exceeded 17 million units.

Now it became known that Realme sold 5.2 million smartphones in India alone in just one month, starting from September 30, 2019 and ending on October 31. In the third quarter, Relame ranked fourth in the smartphone market in India, behind Vivo, Samsung and Xiaomi.

But, according to Counterpoint in September, Realme soared to third place in smartphone sales in India, ahead of Vivo and already stepping on Samsung’s heels. Official October Samsung sales data for India were not yet available in October, but there is a good chance that Realme was ahead of Samsung sales in the month, as various stores confirm that it was Realme smartphones that were among the most popular in India over the past month.

Xiaomi is not yet nervous, as its sales in India over the past month amounted to 8.5 million smartphones, as the press service reported the other day.

But if Realme continues to increase sales at the same rapid pace, then the situation may change already in the foreseeable future.

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