Realme is the fastest growing smartphone market brand. In Southeast Asia, company growth is even more impressive

Counterpoint analysts claim that Realme was the fastest growing brand in the Southeast Asian smartphone market in the last quarter. For a young company, among other things, this means that it is on the right track, because just recently, Realme sold its devices only in India.

By the way, these same analysts previously noted that Realme in the first quarter was the fastest growing company in the entire global smartphone market. Only if in the whole market the company showed growth of 157%, then in the market of Southeast Asia – by 173%.

At the same time, the smartphone market in the first quarter slipped 11% globally and 13% in Southeast Asia. The source notes that Realme was able to increase supplies during the COVID-19 pandemic due to a strong product portfolio, effective marketing and proper logistics.

The source does not specify what place Realme now occupies in the entire market of Southeast Asia, but the company has already entered the top five in most countries of the region. And in the global market, Realme at the end of the last quarter took seventh place, beating Lenovo and LG.

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