Radeon RX 5500M defeats mobile GeForce GTX 1650

A month ago, AMD introduced the Radeon RX 5500 graphics cards. More precisely, we were presented with the desktop RX 5500 and the mobile RX 5500M.

These adapters are almost completely identical. Each has 1408 stream processors, a 128-bit bus and 4 GB of GDDR6 memory with a frequency of 14 GHz.

The difference is in the frequencies of the GPU. For the desktop it is 1670-1845 MHz, and for the mobile – 1448-1645 MHz. AMD itself claims that its mobile novelty is significantly superior to the mobile GeForce GTX 1650. And now the first RX 5500M test results have appeared on the Web.

In 3DMark Fire Strike, the graphics card scored 12,822 points (Graphics Score). For comparison, the mobile GTX 1650 scores about 9200 points, that is, the AMD adapter is more than 30% faster, so AMD did not lie, indicating a significant advantage of the RX 5500M.

Moreover, the mobile GTX 1060 is gaining just about 12,000 points, that is, it is it that is a conditional competitor for the RX 5500M, but this adapter is gradually leaving the market.

Between the mobile and desktop versions of the GTX 1650 there is also a fairly large gap in the frequencies of the GPU, that is, even approximately, but we can compare the desktop Radeon RX 5500 with the desktop GTX 1650 in absentia, assuming that the former will also be about 30% faster.

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