Qualcomm will finally have something to compete with the latest MediaTek. Snapdragon 775G may be presented on June 17

Rumors about the Snapdragon 775G single-chip system have been around for quite some time. The Snapdragon 765G and even its improved version represented by the Snapdragon 768G are not only one of the slowest in their segment, they are also very far from the capabilities of even the Snapdragon 855, not to mention the Snapdragon 865.

Therefore, Qualcomm may well release an interim solution, and the Snapdragon 775G, judging by the name, will be just that. New data suggests that they can announce such a SoC on June 17, that is, the day after tomorrow.

The source also claims that relative to the Snapdragon 765, CPU performance will increase by 40%, and the GPU – by 50%. In this case, we will have a really very fast platform that can even compete with the Snapdragon 855.

Recall that the latest rumors attributed the smartphone Xiaomi Mi CC10 or Mi CC10 Pro just Snapdragon 775G.

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