Qualcomm ultraSAW RF Filters Designed for 4G and 5G Mobile Devices

UltraSAW filters are categorized as surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters.
Along with the Snapdragon X60 modem, Qualcomm today introduced, according to her, the “breakthrough” Qualcomm ultraSAW radio frequency (RF) filter technology for mobile devices supporting 4G and 5G networks.

RF filters emit radio signals in different ranges, which is necessary for receiving and transmitting information. UltraSAW filters are categorized as surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters. According to the manufacturer, the insertion loss in the new Qualcomm ultraSAW filters has been reduced by at least 1 dB, which makes them more attractive compared to the alternative in the form of filters on bulk acoustic waves (OAV).

The advantages of Qualcomm ultraSAW filters designed for operation in the 600 MHz –2.7 GHz range include very good reception and transmission of signals and suppression of crosstalk, high frequency selectivity, high Q factor (up to 5000), very low insertion loss and high temperature stability at very low temperature drift.

Qualcomm ultraSAW technology is used in various device blocks that support wireless connectivity. Qualcomm ultraSAW discrete and integrated products are due to launch in the current quarter, with devices expected to use ultraSAW coming in the second half of the year.

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