Qualcomm leads, Intel closes the top three. The baseband processor market dipped a bit last year

Strategy Analytics experts noted a decrease in the market for baseband processors for smartphones by 3% in 2019. In this case, we are talking about monetary terms, and the market dipped to $ 20.9 billion.

Qualcomm occupied 41% of the market, HiSilicon – 16%, Intel – 14%. MediaTek and Samsung also entered the top five, but the source did not indicate their shares. But the source notes that the supply of baseband processors with 5G support has grown significantly, so these solutions occupied 2% of the entire market. The leaders in this segment were HiSilicon, Qualcomm and Samsung, although shares were not indicated again.

As for products with LTE support, its supply decreased at all major suppliers, with the exception of Intel and Unisoc.

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