Qualcomm is again the leader, and AMD has shown the greatest growth. Statistics of leaders among semiconductor developers appeared

TrendForce analysts evaluated the semiconductor giants market in the first quarter of this year. According to their data, a dozen market leaders for the reporting period totaled $ 17.81 billion, which corresponds to an increase of 13.1% in annual terms.

To clarify: in this case we are talking about companies that are engaged in the development of semiconductor products, and not their production. Qualcomm is in the first place with a marginal margin from its closest competitor. The company managed to regain leadership, increasing sales by 10.2%, to $ 4.1 billion. Broadcom with its 4.082 billion dollars and a decrease of 2.4% fell to second place. Nvidia closes the top three with sales growth of 39.6% and revenue of $ 2.946 billion.

Also in the top ten were MediaTek, AMD, Xilinx, Marvell, Novatek, Realtek and Synaptics. Xilinx showed the largest decline, with sales down 8.7%, while AMD posted the largest growth at 40.4%.

Analysts note that Qualcomm’s growth is due to the popularity of the SoC Snapdragon 865 and other 5G-related products. Nvidia was able to show impressive growth thanks to video cards, and AMD – thanks to seven-meter products.

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