Qualcomm introduced the world’s largest sub-screen fingerprint scanner

At the Snapdragon Technology Summit, Qualcomm introduced a new sub-screen ultrasonic 3D fingerprint scanner Sonic Max. The fingerprint recognition area has increased by 17 times compared to the previous generation model, making 3D Sonic Max the world’s largest sub-screen fingerprint scanner.

According to Gordon Thomas, a Qualcomm spokesman, existing fingerprint scanners for mobile devices (including 3D Sonic) typically have dimensions of about 4 x 9 mm and can only recognize part of the finger. A larger sensor collects more data and more features to identify the owner of the smartphone. Dimensions 3D Sonic Max – 20 mm x 30 mm. Of course, the use of such a large sensor significantly reduces the chances of tricking the system.

But that is not all. If all sub-screen scanners used in smartphones now support recognition of only one fingerprint, then 3D Sonic Max can recognize two fingers at a time. This, again, allows you to increase security, but without compromising the speed of work – it is improved in the new product. Although Qualcomm does not provide data, how much 3D Sonic Max is faster than regular 3D Sonic.

3D Sonic Max is expected to appear on top-end smartphones next year. Such a sensor is already attributed to the Samsung Galaxy S11, and even the iPhone 12.

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