Qualcomm allocates $ 200 million to promote 5G technology

Qualcomm announced the creation of the Qualcomm Ventures 5G Ecosystem Fund, which will be able to invest up to $ 200 million in companies building the 5G ecosystem. According to Qualcomm, the fund will focus on helping young companies developing new options for using 5G, contributing to the transformation of the 5G network and entering 5G into corporate markets. In short, the fund aims to help introduce 5G in areas other than smartphones.

Having just appeared on the market, 5G technology is deploying faster and wider than it was in the case of 4G, giving industry experts reason to expect that it will have a significantly greater impact than any previous generation of cellular technologies, opening the next era of innovation.

Qualcomm Ventures has extensive experience investing in young companies that have taken leading positions in their areas, including Zoom, Cloudflare, AMEC, Xiaomi, Cruise Automation, 99, Thundersoft, Fitbit and Waze. Since its founding in 2000, Qualcomm has invested in more than 350 companies.

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