Qualcomm 3D Sonic Max Fingerprint not only can scan fingerprints

This week, Qualcomm introduced the 3D Sonic Max sub-screen ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, which has become the world’s largest fingerprint scanner for smartphones.

Its main features include a huge recognition area, which has been increased by 17 times compared with the previous generation model. In addition, 3D Sonic Max can recognize two fingerprints at the same time, while doing it faster than the sensors of the previous generation, which recognize only one fingerprint.

Qualcomm vice president after the announcement gave a short interview in which he said that all other fingerprint sensors (3D Sonic Max) are not as safe as the company’s new solution. He also cited a couple of facts about the new product.

Most fingerprint scanners perform two-dimensional scanning, which makes it quite easy to trick the sensor. In addition to the fact that 3D Sonic Max performs three-dimensional scanning (in this regard, he is not a pioneer), Qualcomm claims that the new sensor can still control the heart rate. This makes it impossible to use even an accurate three-dimensional copy of the finger with a perfectly reproduced fingerprint to bypass the security system.

It is worth noting that this description seems pretty impressive, but the same Samsung Galaxy S10 uses the first Qualcomm 3D sensor, which, as it turned out, is pretty easy to fool. So you should wait for the test results of the first smartphones with 3D Sonic Max and only then draw conclusions.

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