Putin allowed the sale of drugs online because of coronavirus

Counterfeit products will be punished more severely.
Tonight it became known that Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with members of the government confirmed the signing of a decree that allows the remote sale of OTC drugs.

The president added that the decree separately speaks of the need to introduce amendments to increase the responsibility for counterfeiting, so that “it would never occur to anyone to take advantage of the situation and equip people with what is completely unsuitable for healing.”

Putin appealed to the government and Russian telecommunications companies to “use all reserves in order to expedite the implementation of the order to establish free access from home computers to socially significant Russian Internet resources – to be able to order drugs, distance education, receive public services and even watch domestic feature films , children’s programs, etc. “.

On March 16, many companies asked officials to expedite the adoption of the bill on online drug sales. In Russia, they tried to legalize the remote sale of drugs for several years. The State Duma adopted the corresponding bill in 2017, but so far it has not been implemented.

Alexander Kuzin, general director of the 36.6 retail division, noted that it’s rather difficult to predict how the adoption of this bill will affect the pharmacy retail, as the industry is now too “turbulent” due to the latest news. He added that there are risks in the online drug trade, for example, there is evidence that Ibuprofen, which is used to reduce temperature, worsens a person’s condition with coronavirus.

The director general of eapteka.ru Anton Buzdalin said that this is very good news, and “the industry will be glad to adopt such a law.”

President of the National Distance Trade Association Alexander Ivanov added that online drug trading will help minimize people’s contact with each other.

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