Proved by research: it is safer for a driver to smoke marijuana than to use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are functions without which many can no longer imagine a modern car. To date, they already exist even in budget models, although, of course, not in the basic trim levels.

One of the tasks of these functions is to save the driver from having to use a smartphone while driving. However, recent research shows that these decisions only increase risks.

IAM RoadSmart researchers compared the driver’s reaction to certain traffic situations in the presence of various distractions, including just Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The average time for which the driver, without being distracted by anything, reacts to the situation, is 1 second. The study showed that the use of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay through the touch screen of the infotainment system of the car distracts the driver more, which makes the reaction speed significantly reduced.

As you can see, these functions increase the response time by one and a half times. Yes, in absolute terms it is only half a second, but in an emergency, sometimes this is enough.

The most interesting result of Apple CarPlay / Android Auto looks against the background of the effect of intoxication. True, it is important here that we are talking about the permitted doses of alcohol, that is, in fact, about the extremely low amount of alcohol consumed. Of course, with significant alcohol intoxication, the reaction decreases catastrophically.

In fact, the result of the study is quite expected, since the use of Apple CarPlay / Android Auto requires the driver to completely switch his attention to the screen, and not only to look at it, but also to conduct certain manipulations with the interface.

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