Presented a smartphone on Windows 10 with Android

Emperion Nebulus created with support from Microsoft.
Emperion has confirmed the development of the Nebulus smartphone, which uses the ARM architecture, while the device is running the Windows 10 on ARM operating system.

The main disadvantage of a smartphone is the inability to make calls on it in a regular cellular network. In this case, the key advantage of the device will be the ability to run Android applications without switching between operating systems.

The device is built on the basis of an overclocked single-chip system Snapdragon 845, while using the manufacturer’s own software interface. Emperion said that “Microsoft has played a very important role in helping create this device.”

Emperion plans to sell the smartphone through its website and is currently in negotiations with a mobile operator in the UK. The company also plans to sell the device in the United States.

Emperion Nebulus will be able to switch to desktop mode via USB-C or wirelessly using a monitor. The developers promise support for desktop applications for Windows, applications from the Microsoft store, as well as support for applications and games for the Android operating system.

So far, the remaining characteristics of the device are not reported, but it is known that users will be able to install a memory card with a capacity of up to 2 TB.

As for calls, the manufacturer suggests using messengers for this, since the device is equipped with LTE support.

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