The biggest potential problem Huawei still bypassed the company

In May, information appeared that due to US sanctions, Arm had also stopped working with Huawei. And this could be almost the most powerful blow to the company.

The bottom line is that the Chinese giant can replace Android with its own OS, or, like Huawei does now, use the system without Google services. Huawei has shown that it can do without Qualcomm platforms and many US suppliers.

But the termination of cooperation with Arm would mean that Huawei could no longer develop new single-chip Kirin systems and even, perhaps, use existing ones. And creating your own CPUs and GPUs would not help, since they are created anyway based on Arm IP cores. The only way out for Huawei would be to use alien SoCs made by a non-US company. That is, first of all, MediaTek platforms, which would instantly affect sales.

However, this danger has passed Huawei. According to a source, Arm lawyers decided that the company’s technologies are of British origin, therefore, do not violate US sanctions. So, Arm will continue to license its developments to the Chinese giant.

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