Porsche Opens Europe’s Most Powerful Electric Vehicle Charging Park

Porsche’s Leipzig branch has expanded the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in central Germany by creating an “electric vehicle charging park” called Porsche Turbo Charging at its customer service center.

The total capacity of the installation is 7 MW. This is the fastest charging park in Europe. It is noteworthy that it works exclusively on electricity from renewable energy sources.

In total, the park has twelve fast charging points with a capacity of 350 kW each (direct current) and four charging points with a capacity of 22 kW each (alternating current). They are available around the clock for cars of all brands. During the pilot phase, which will last until the end of March, fast charging will be free. After that, payment will be made using standard cards to pay for the charge.

Fast charging allows you to charge the batteries in 5 minutes to a level sufficient to travel 100 km. While waiting, you can use the services of the Porsche Customer Service Center, in particular – visit the exhibition of antique cars and a store.

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