Popular social network banned animated pictures

The social network Twitter decided to ban its members from posting animated PNG images. As it turned out, they were rarely used to attack people with epilepsy. Attackers using flashes of light tried to provoke attacks of epilepsy.

Animated GIFs are very common today in all social networks and instant messengers, however, they have certain limitations, namely, the established limit of 256 colors. Animated PNG images allow you to remove this restriction and create short animated images that are not inferior in quality to videos.

They are becoming more and more common, however, according to representatives of Twitter, they pose a real danger to people who suffer from epilepsy.

Last month, attackers launched a series of attacks on the Epilepsy Foundation, and then sent a series of animated images with fast flashes of light to thousands of Foundation subscribers. Unlike animated videos and GIFs, PNG animations start automatically.

For this reason, Twitter has banned all animated PNG files, but representatives of the social network promised to look for an alternative.

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