Popular iPhone apps can be used to steal user data

According to foreign media reports, recent studies by security experts have confirmed that dozens of popular iOS apps can read the contents of the clipboard without user permission, and can also be used to steal confidential information. In this list of applications is TikTok, which recently overtook WhatsApp in terms of downloads and became the most popular application for this platform.

Often, the text information that is stored on the clipboard does not have any value, but the situation can be very dangerous when it comes to confidential user data, including logins, passwords and various financial information. The experts carefully examined the potential threats of these gaps in the iOS security system and came to the conclusion that they can be used not only to steal users’ personal data, but also to determine accurate location information.

The reason is that Apple does not impose special restrictions on the ability of applications to read the clipboard. A list that has not been published includes popular games, social networking apps, and news apps.

Apple has already confirmed that it plans to fix this vulnerability in the near future.

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