PlayStation 5 in reality turned out to be more powerful than Xbox Scarlett

Xbox Scarlett May Cut This Gap To A Minimum In The Future

The story with the Sony PlayStation 5 cartridges ended in an unexpected way
Previously, information slipped that the new PlayStation 5 home gaming console should be more powerful than the Xbox Scarlett console, and now the first reviews of real users have appeared.

It is worth noting that the first users of the next generation consoles were the creators of the games, which have already received development kits. In fact, in real tests, the PlayStation 5 dev is ahead of the Xbox Scarlett dev.

The developers note that such results can be explained by more optimized PlayStation 5 software. At the same time, Xbox Scarlett is expected to reduce this gap to a minimum or completely zero it.

The source adds that the Xbox Scarlett can equal performance only as Microsoft creates a new devkit or updates the software of the existing development kit.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett should go on sale next year.

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