PlayStation 5 Final Outperforms Xbox Series X in Almost Everything

Comparison of the characteristics of two consoles.
A well-known insider under the nickname @Tidux said on his page on the social network Twitter that video game developers have already received the final version of the PlayStation 5 devkit, which is superior to the Xbox Series X in key parameters, but not in all.

@Tidux is known for its fairly accurate information about gaming products. He claims that both consoles will get the same central processors, but the Xbox Series X will have a more powerful graphics processor. The difference will not exceed 1 TFlops.

At the same time, the PlayStation 5 will get more RAM, which will be faster than the Xbox Series X. In addition, the PlayStation 5 SSD will also be larger and faster than the SSD that the Xbox Series X will receive.

According to new information, Microsoft will have two models of the Xbox Series X. One is cheaper than the PS5, and the other is more expensive.

The presentation of the PlayStation 5 may take place on February 5 or 15, Sony has not yet sent invitations to the press conference.

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