PlayStation 4 has become the second-largest gaming console of all time

Sony released its quarterly report tonight. Judging by current information, the company shipped 102.8 million PlayStation 4 consoles, so this is the second result in history after PS2.

PS4 overtook Nintendo’s Wii console with its 101.63 million and the first PlayStation, which sold 102.49 million devices. For the current fiscal year, Sony plans to sell 13.5 million consoles. This number is lower than the original forecast of 15 million devices. PlayStation 2 holds the leading position in sales with an indicator of 155 million consoles sold.

PlayStation 4 surpassed 100 million consoles sold faster than PS2. According to analysts, sales will stop at 120 million, so the Quartet will most likely fail to break the record for the most popular console in the history of video games.

In addition, the report contains information on the profit of the Sony film division. For the quarter from July to September, it grew by 67% to $ 366 million. The success of the films “Away from Home” and “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood” contributed to this. As for the musical direction, his profit also grew and amounted to 350 million dollars.

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