Pavel Durov: “Now iCloud is officially a tracking tool”


The creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov, said that the iCloud cloud storage service is a tracking tool due to Apple’s refusal to encrypt backup copies of the service.

ICloud is now officially a snooping tool. Applications that use it to store your private messages (such as WhatsApp) are part of this problem.

Pavel Durov

As we already reported, Apple has given up its intention to allow iPhone users to fully encrypt their backups after the FBI complained, saying that such a move could harm the bureau’s investigations.

More than two years ago, Apple informed the FBI of its intention to offer users end-to-end encryption of data contained in iCloud. User information could in this case be protected from hacking by hackers, but Apple itself would not be able to gain access to it and transfer it to the authorities even by court order.

The FBI recently accused Apple of failing to properly assist the regulator in investigating a Florida attack in December 2019. However, Apple replied that it transmitted the necessary information.


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