Panasonic will launch a joint travel service on self-driving vehicles

In 2021, Panasonic plans to launch a co-travel service in small cities using small, self-driving electric vehicles. This month, the manufacturer has already launched such a service at its headquarters in Osaka Prefecture. It is available to employees working here.

Electric cars go along a route of about 2.4 km, which takes them about 21 minutes. The maximum speed of an electric vehicle is 20 km / h. The movement schedule is flexible, determined by the needs of users, but the minimum interval of movement is only 10 minutes. There are four places in the electric car.

Panasonic’s automated driving system uses highly accurate human recognition technology. If necessary, the electric vehicle can be controlled manually – remotely or on site.

Panasonic expects these services to be deployed in theme parks or at venues for major events such as the Osaka World Expo 2025.

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