Panasonic will continue to develop and release Micro Four Thirds cameras

APS-C cameras not planned.
The source published an interview with the head of Panasonic’s photographic equipment division. In the interview, a lot of interesting statements were made that give an idea of the market vision of one of the participants in the L-mount alliance and its plans.

According to Panasonic, full-frame mirrorless cameras with L mounts already occupy 10% of the market. At the same time, the Panasonic S1 model is selling better than the Panasonic S1R. The Panasonic S1H is mainly bought due to the video-related capabilities. In general, according to the manufacturer, in terms of video, he is “one or two steps” ahead of the competition and is going to bet on this advantage in future models.

The company intends to continue the development and production of cameras of two categories – the Micro Four Thirds system and full-frame cameras with L mounts. The advantages of the former include a large depth of field and the latter a shallow one. According to Panasonic, the differences between the systems are large enough so that they can coexist in the market. But the company does not plan to release APS-C format cameras, since they can take away part of sales from cameras of two other segments.

The company hopes that the concerted actions of the members of the L-mount alliance will allow them to stay in the market. Moreover, in the future, the number of alliance members may increase. Recall now it includes Leica, Panasonic and Sigma.

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