Steinberg – Cubase Elements 11.0.0 x64 (macOS)

It is very convenient to create, mix, record music using the Steinberg Cubase Elements sound workstation. A rich selection of virtual instruments, the use of advanced technology and an extensive audio library of ready-made elements for soundtrack design turn recording work into a creative process that ensures the implementation of ideas of any complexity and guarantees high quality results. The Cubase Elements version contains all the necessary tools for developing, mixing and recording sound compositions for beginners, also applicable for home use.

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Hands Off! macOS firewall

This powerful and easy-to-use tool for the OS X and macOS platform can be used to monitor the activity of applications capable of establishing an Internet connection. Thanks to Hands Off! the user will be able to timely detect signs of malicious or potentially dangerous activity, eliminate the possibility of confidential data leakage and prevent the penetration of malicious programs onto a personal computer.

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Steinberg Cubase Elements v10.5.20 (macOS)

Download & install Steinberg Cubase Elements v10.5.20 for macOS from official Steinberg’s site. Cubase Elements 10.5 is the smallest retail version of Cubase, with many of its siblings’ professional technologies and capabilities found under the hood as well as many of the new feature additions and enhancements, such as Video Export Render and Retrospective MIDI Record.

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