Owned the Nexus 6P – get up to $ 400.

Google and Huawei began to pay compensation in a class action lawsuit.
At one time, the Nexus 6P suffered from a number of problems.
Almost a year ago, it became known that Google and Huawei had reached a preliminary agreement to settle a class action lawsuit against defective Nexus 6P smartphones.

Recall that at one time many users of these smartphones faced the problem of cyclic reboots and sudden shutdowns. As a result, in 2017 a class action lawsuit was filed, and now monetary compensation began to be sent to the participants.

Users who encounter problems can receive up to $ 400, and those who participated in the lawsuit but did not encounter a problem will receive $ 29 each.

Such claims are a frequent situation, the only problem is that from the moment they are filed until the payment begins, if the court appoints such, it takes several years.

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