Over the year, the German electric vehicle charging network grew by 60%

From May last year to May this year, the number of publicly available chargers for electric vehicles in Germany grew by 10,000, or almost 60%. A year ago, there were 17,400 “outlets” in the country, and now there are 27,730 of them. These data are given in the report of the industry association BDEW. The share of fast charging stations is 14%.

The state is stimulating the transition from vehicles with internal combustion engines to electric vehicles.

“The coronovirus crisis is a serious problem for charging station operators. Therefore, it’s even more important for them to get a fair wind from the government in further development, ”said Kerstin Andrea, Managing Director of BDEW.

Germany wants to make mandatory the presence of a charging station at each gas station
As part of the stimulus package presented in the country last week, 2.5 billion euros were allocated specifically for the construction of electric chargers and the development of battery technology.

Currently, there are approximately 280,000 electric vehicles and vehicles with hybrid power plants registered in Germany. The existing infrastructure can serve 440,000 cars.

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