Over 4,200 dollars for a Samsung smartphone. Started sales of Samsung W20

This price includes VIP service.
A month ago, Samsung introduced the Samsung W20 smartphone in China. It turned out to be a slightly accelerated version of the flexible Galaxy Fold with a slightly different design. Recall that the basis of the new SoC is the Snapdragon 855+.

And today, this smartphone went on sale. They are asking for a considerable $ 2,845 for the novelty, moreover, this is for the standard version. True, even in this case, Galaxy Buds are included.

The premium version of the W20 costs $ 4,265, offering an extra VIP service for the money. Unfortunately, it is not very clear what is included in this concept, and even for that kind of money.

Deliveries of Samsung W20 will begin on December 20. Whether such a version will appear outside of China is still unclear.

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