Over 100 million smartphones Huawei and Honor updated to Android 10

Huawei boasted its success in distributing the proprietary EMUI 10 shell. More than 100 million smartphones Huawei and Honor have already upgraded to EMUI 10 based on the latest version of the Android 10 operating system.

The EMUI 10 shell was introduced in September 2019. The first smartphones with a preinstalled EMUI 10 are the flagships of the Huawei Mate 30 series.

At the end of December, the shell was already installed on 10 million smartphones, and at the end of January – 50 million. Thus, over the past two months, 50 million users managed to update smartphones.

The EMUI 10 shell brings the features of Android 10 and significant changes to the user interface in a “magazine” style with headers and columns, as well as a full-screen gesture control system. The dark mode was redesigned and made more comfortable for perception. On the “Always-on” screen (Always-on Display), you can configure color schemes, new widgets have been added.

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