Over 10 million dollars. Huawei decided to invest in the development of an alternative to Google services in Russia

Huawei announced at a conference in Moscow plans to invest more than $ 10 million in developing the Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem in Russia.

At the first Huawei Developers Day conference, the company shared its successes in developing a proprietary alternative to Google services and applications. Currently, the HMS ecosystem has more than 570 million active users per month.

One of the key elements of the ecosystem is the online app store AppGallery. According to Huawei, it uses 390 million active users per month, making a total of more than 370 billion downloads. She also emphasized that the Russian mobile application market, which ranks 5th in the world in downloading Android applications and 9th in terms of revenue, is one of the priorities for the company.

A budget of $ 10 million is planned to be used to encourage Russian developers and application owners who will become part of the Huawei Mobile Services ecosystem.

Note that the company was particularly active in promoting Huawei Mobile Services after it lost the right to install Google services and applications on its smartphones due to US sanctions.

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