OnePlus outperformed both Samsung and Apple

Counterpoint analysts estimate that India’s premium smartphone market is up 66% year on year, setting a new record.

True, unfortunately, neither in monetary nor in quantitative terms does the source provide accurate data on the volume of the market.

But it is known that the leader of the premium market is OnePlus, which almost doubled its sales, taking up 35% of this segment. In second place is Samsung, in third is Apple. Companies took 23% and 22% respectively.

The source says that the success of OnePlus is due to sales of current flagships, which is logical. At Samsung, Galaxy Note10 smartphones were selling well, and at Apple, the cheaper iPhone XR.

At the same time, the combined share of the three market leaders decreased from 83% to 79%, which indicates a strengthening of the positions of other market players. By the way, the source refers to the premium segment smartphones costing from 30,000 rupees, that is, from 422 dollars.

The source also mentions the ultra-premium segment (from $ 633 and above), where almost half of the sales came from the Samsung Galaxy Note10 line.

Despite all these impressive numbers, premium smartphones account for only about 5% of all sales in India.

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