Old people do not belong here? Introduced Half-Life: Alyx

A few days ago, Valve unexpectedly announced the game Half-Life: Alyx, stating that it was a flagship project for virtual reality devices.

The first trailer was published yesterday, and some details about the project became known. As expected, the main character of the game will be Alyx Vance (Alyx Vance) from the second part. The game became a prequel to the second part and was originally created as a full-fledged VR project.

As usual, the main heroine has a very important mission, the chances of mankind for salvation depend on it. Again, the forces will have to fight with the Alliance, whose control over the planet after the Black Mesa incident only increased.

The developers claim that the passage of the game should take at least 15 hours. Gravity gloves will take the place of the legendary gravity gun in the new game.

Half-Life: Alyx Coming Out March March 2020

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