Nvidia’s 7-nanometer GPU will be launched by TSMC

Samsung will get a small share of production orders.
Rumors attributed to Nvidia the transfer of an impressive share of orders for the production of its next-generation GPUs to Samsung, but at the GTC 2019 event in Suzhou, the head of the company denied these speculations: almost all of the company’s 7-nanometer GPUs will be produced by TSMC, Nvidia’s long-standing partner.

In his speech, Jensen Huang praised the long-standing partnership with TSMC, as well as the latter’s contribution to the development of Nvidia GPUs – it was at the TSMC facilities that 16-nanometer Pascal GPUs were produced and 12-nanometer GPUs Volta and Turing are produced. So with regard to the new generation, the company is not going to change anything. But Samsung will also get part of the orders, albeit a small one. They will be produced using 7 nm EUV technology.

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