Nvidia RTX Accelerates New AI-Related Features in Adobe Substance Alchemist and Blender

Nvidia Announced Benefits of Using Nvidia RTX GPUs in Adobe Substance Alchemist and Blender The fact is that the functions of smart noise reduction and creating materials in the latest versions of these programs rely on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, and Nvidia RTX provides their acceleration.

The Image to Material function of Substance Alchemist allows you to create textures for 3D based on photographs of real surfaces. So you can quickly get realistic materials. Nvidia RTX GPUs accelerate Image to Material when recognizing shapes and objects in a photo. More precisely, the algorithm automatically generates texture maps with information about the base color, height and normal, freeing up the artist’s time to solve creative problems. Thanks to Nvidia RTX, generation is done in minutes.

In version 2.83 of the Blender application, smart noise reduction was available, which allows you to see the final images based on the results of partial rendering, due to which designers can quickly try out new ideas and get an idea of the final result in advance. The noise canceling feature takes advantage of the Nvidia OptiX SDK.

With the latest versions of Blender and Alchemist, the list of creative applications that use AI algorithms is not exhaustive. It also includes Adobe Premiere Pro and Lightroom, Autodesk VRED, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve, Chaos Group V-Ray, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite and Luxion Keyshot.

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