Nvidia is losing ground to AMD, but still leads by a huge margin. Discrete graphics card market statistics appeared

Analysts at Jon Peddie Research evaluated the market for discrete desktop graphics cards in the first quarter of this year.

So, in the first quarter this market grew by 7% in annual terms, but slipped by 19.5% in quarterly terms. Nvidia dominates the market with a share of 69.19%, however, a year earlier the company’s figure was 77.33%. AMD now has 30.81% compared to 22.67% a year earlier. That is, AMD won over 8 percentage points from its opponent in a year.

In total, 9.5 million discrete graphics cards were shipped for the quarter, while more than 12 million were shipped a quarter earlier. The source also provides interesting data on the history of the market. For example, the best year for this market was 1999 – then 114 million graphics cards were sold! In total, since 1981, 1.311 billion discrete graphics accelerators have been delivered to the market.

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