Nvidia intends to surprise us with its plans

Currently, GPUs for Nvidia video cards are manufactured using a 12-nanometer process technology. You can’t call it obsolete, but this is only an improved 16-nanometer process technology, but it is already not so young.

At the same time, AMD has already switched to the 7 nm manufacturing process, using it both in the CPU and in the GPU. At the last event, the head of Nvidia was asked what he can say about the new process technology.

The representative of Nvidia gave a fairly large answer, which, however, can be significantly shortened without losing meaning. Firstly, Nvidia is not yet ready to disclose its plans for the transition to new technological standards. Secondly, Nvidia intends to surprise us all with its plans for new products on the new manufacturing process, and then the products themselves. What exactly Nvidia intends to surprise, so far only guessing.

In addition, the company representative hinted that Nvidia still has something to do as part of the current process, which may hint at new products.

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