Nvidia Graphics Cards Fall

Nvidia reported for the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2020 and for the whole year, which ended on January 26th.

Let’s start with quarterly figures. For three months, the company’s revenue amounted to $ 3.1 billion, an increase in annual terms by 41%. Operating profit grew by 237%, to $ 990 million, net profit – by 68%, to 950 million.

However, the whole year ended as a whole in a completely different way: revenue fell 7% to $ 10.9 billion, operating profit fell 25% to $ 2.8 billion, and net profit was 2.8 billion, down 32%.

According to the results of the whole year, gaming solutions brought the company $ 5.5 billion, which is 12% less than a year earlier. Professional Visualization solutions provided the company $ 1.2 billion in revenue, up 7% from a year earlier. Revenue from the sale of Datacenter-class products grew by 2% to $ 2.98 billion, and Automotive solutions brought $ 700 million, which is 9% more than a year ago.

As a result, we can say that sales of video cards from Nvidia declined at least in monetary terms. In quantitative terms, the data producer does not.

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