Not only catastrophic delays, but also incredible “gluttony”

Google Stadia service is suitable only for unlimited Internet. 4.5 to 20 GB of traffic is spent per hour

Google Stadia service has already “pleased” with huge delays. Now it turned out another not very pleasant feature of this platform, which, however, was quite expected.

Using Stadia is also possible on smartphones, and with a good speed of access to the Network, you can play conditionally anywhere. Only nobody will do this.

The problem is that Stadia consumes a lot of traffic. In particular, when playing in Red Dead Redemption 2 in Full HD resolution, the traffic costs are about 119 MB per minute, that is, 7.14 GB will be spent per hour. Google itself does not hide the “gluttony” of the service, noting that 4.5 to 20 GB of traffic can be spent per hour. And if at home this is often not a problem at all, then when connected via a mobile network, Stadia turns into entertainment inaccessible to most, since unlimited and at the same time high-speed mobile Internet is not available everywhere.

In fairness, the described feature will take place in the case of any other similar service.

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