Norwegian mobile operators choose 5G equipment suppliers

It will not be Huawei
The Norwegian company Telenor has chosen the Swedish company Ericsson as the key supplier of equipment for the 5G network in Norway. Previously, Telenor collaborated with the Chinese company Huawei, which for almost ten years, supplied equipment for the 4G network.

According to the source, Telenor’s decision was made under pressure from the United States. Recently, the States have been actively pushing NATO vassals, including Norway, to excommunicate Huawei from profitable 5G deals. Americans attribute this to safety concerns.

According to Telenor executives, the company conducted an “extensive” security assessment, and also considered factors such as technical quality, innovation and network modernization.

“Based on a comprehensive assessment, we decided to introduce a new partner for this important technological shift in Norway,” the company’s CEO said.

State-owned Telenor is Norway’s largest telecommunications provider. She also works in other countries of Northern Europe, as well as in five Asian countries, serving about 183 million customers.

The use of Huawei network components in Norwegian Telenor networks will be discontinued as a result of modernization over the next 4-5 years.

Smaller Norwegian operators, Ice and Telia, have chosen Nokia and Ericsson equipment for their 5G networks, respectively.

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