Nokia creates autonomous railway on the basis of 5G

Progressive solutions are offered by the Finnish company Nokia, which is implementing a project to create an autonomous rail transportation system using 5G equipment.

The Finnish brand has signed a cooperation agreement with the German Deutsche Bahn. Both companies will be responsible for developing the world’s first independent automated rail transportation system using fifth-generation communication networks. The project is called the Hamburg Digital Light Rail Transport. It has become part of the federal train automation program.

Nokia has extensive experience in building high-tech networks – in particular, it supplies GSM-R 22 systems to railway carriers. In addition, the company is responsible for network infrastructure, security, IoT and analytical systems for more than 110 transport operators (including the metro).

The project of the first “5G-line” with a length of 21 kilometers will work by 2021. The system will gain access to the cars and will begin to analyze their technical condition and content. All information will be processed using Nokia’s 5G infrastructure.

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