No one can do this except Tesla. The cars of the company received another major update.

With many new features.
Tesla machines are by far one of the most iconic and important for the automotive market over the past decade. Among other things, it was Tesla Model S that showed that the machine can and probably should be including a gadget.

The new update, released by Tesla today, once again demonstrates the capabilities of this approach. The update is large and timed to the holiday season.

It contains a lot of major and minor innovations. Of the latter, one can distinguish, for example, the expansion of the capabilities of the Driving Visualization system, which is responsible for what is displayed on the screen during movement. Among the innovations: headlights, stop signs, road markings and more.

If we talk about more important functions, then first of all it is worth noting the voice control. The update brings Tesla machines a feature that allows them to dictate a message. In addition, cars are now able to read incoming messages. In addition, Tesla worked on the ability of cars to recognize natural language commands.

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