Nintendo will increase the production of Switch consoles, as the demand for them has grown significantly due to total quarantine

While most market segments are experiencing problems in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, some individual areas or even products, on the contrary, are showing sales growth.

Since quarantine is an opportunity, including to devote time to various entertainments, people began to actively buy games and game consoles. It got to the point that the United States, Japan, and several other countries almost ran out of stocks of the Nintendo Switch, and the remaining consoles are sometimes sold with a double mark-up or even more.

According to a source, Nintendo is going to take an unexpected opportunity and increase the production of its consoles in

This year by 10%. Simply put, if last year Nintendo sold 20 million consoles, this year it intends to sell already 22 million. In particular, some suppliers of components for Switch report a 50 percent increase in orders for the next quarter. True, in the near future, apparently, the resulting shortage of Nintendo will not win.

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