Nintendo Switch Pro will receive a new platform with the graphics core Nvidia Volta


The Nintendo Switch game console is an interesting product for many different reasons. But now we will touch on only one thing – the hardware platform of the device.

Recall, the original Switch is based on the very old SoC Nvidia Tegra X1. In the updated prefix, this platform was slightly accelerated and transferred to a new process technology, but overall it has not changed.

Tegra X1 was introduced back in 2015. Its configuration includes four Cortex-A57 processor cores, four Cortex-A53 and Maxwell generation Nvidia GPUs with 256 CUDA cores. At the time of release, it was a very productive platform, but five years have already passed.

Initially, when rumors about Switch and Tegra X1 just appeared on the Web, many expressed doubts about the viability of such a console. However, everything turned out differently. As a result, for several years of the console’s existence, ports for such games as Wolfenstein: Youngblood and The New Colossus, Mortal Kombat 11, Doom, Metro Redux and, of course, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt were released for her. The latest release for Switch developers was called a technological miracle. Indeed, porting a game to such a low-performance smartphone platform by modern standards, which even today makes you sweat full-fledged budget video cards, can hardly be called a miracle.

By the way, against this background, the question arises of optimizing modern PC games and the need for powerful GPUs, but there will still be no answers.

Be that as it may, time is running out, and the Tegra X1 is not getting younger. Therefore, Nintendo is clearly already preparing the next generation Switch (supposedly called Switch Pro) with a more modern platform. And if you believe the latest data, this platform will receive the Volta generation GPU. What kind of decision it will be, so far we can only guess. The bottom line is that after Tegra X1, Nvidia stopped releasing this family’s SoC for the consumer segment, so it’s likely to be a semi-custom solution. A new console may exit at the end of this year, although it is not a fact that Nintendo will decide to conditionally confront the new Sony and Microsoft consoles.


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