NHTSA investigates Tesla electric vehicle malfunction

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced that it is launching an investigation into a problem with an on-board computer equipped with a large touch screen, which was used in the first batch of Model S and Model X electric vehicles. The owners of these cars are faced with problems.

According to them, the touch screen becomes less responsive, the on-time increases, the computer freezes and requires a reboot, and in some cases it completely crashes. It is believed that all these effects are caused by the exhaustion of the resource of the built-in eMMC flash memory module.

Since 2018, the manufacturer has been using a new computer in which the problem is solved, but the owners of old electric cars have to replace computers not under warranty, despite the fact that the source of the problem is a constructive miscalculation of Tesla.

The NHTSA investigation was initiated by the owners of such electric vehicles. When it will be completed – is still unknown.

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