The next smartphone from the creator of Android received a screen with variable transparency

Chinese companies Xiaomi and Oppo have already shown working prototypes of smartphones, whose front cameras are hidden under the surface of the screen. Now there is good reason to believe that Essential is also working on a similar smartphone.

Andy Rubin, the creators of Android, launched Essential PH-1 in 2017, which was the first teardrop-shaped smartphone for the front camera. It did not sell very well for a number of reasons, in particular due to a weak camera. But the company has fans, so the release of the full-fledged successor Essential PH-1 is still expected.

Earlier this month, Essential CEO Andy Rubin shared photos of an unusual smartphone that is currently undergoing a testing phase. However, this is definitely not like Essential Phone 2.

The new patent, which was recently registered by the company, describes “optical sensors located under the display of an electronic device.”

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