New ultrasound technology makes touch any surface

Ultrasound scanners are already used as fingerprint sensors, but UltraSense Systems engineers pumped the popular technology. The new development, according to the announcement of the vendor, allows you to turn almost any material into a touch surface – glass, metal, wood or plastic.

The miniature TouchPoint chip with dimensions of 1.4 x 2.4 x 0.49 mm, according to the developers, allows you to create all kinds of ready-made solutions – from phones without physical buttons to multifunctional touch panels. Representatives of the company claim that the technology uses ultrasound to record pressure and is able to work with materials of any density regardless of moisture or the level of contamination of the surface.

“We saw how the principle of interaction with our devices changes, digital replaces the mechanical one, and the transition to control is accelerated using virtual buttons and gestures. Until now, ultrasound has not been used in user interfaces in this way, ”said Mo Magsoudnia, head and founder of UltraSense Systems.

According to the developers, the sensor interfaces based on the low-energy ultrasonic sensor can be easily integrated into smart watches and equipment for augmented and virtual reality, as well as used in cars. In total, three models of sensors were announced, differing in the response area, support for different panel thicknesses and additional features, including the trackpad function for flat surfaces.

The date of the first commercial devices based on Touch Point chips has not yet been announced by the manufacturer.

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