New technology allows the creation of chameleon robots

Currently, there is a whole class of materials that can change their color. All of them have a complex structure and are expensive to manufacture. American scientists have created a film that is applied in the form of a spray and is able to change color. One of the areas of its application can be robots with the ability to adapt to the environment.

The film structure consists of gold nanoparticles in the form of tiny rods, which are presented in different colors depending on their size, shape and orientation. Researchers argue that with mechanical action, the film changes color according to a pre-programmed pattern. This means that in the end you can get almost any image.

“In our case, we reduced the amount of gold to nanoscale rods,” the researchers said. – We found that if you direct the rods in a certain direction, it will be possible to control their color. Seen in one direction, they may look red. Move them 45 degrees and they will change to green. ”

A similar effect was achieved by combining each rod with a small magnet. According to scientists, the film can be applied to almost any surface as easily as spraying a spray can of paint. In the future, technology can be used in the manufacture of robots that can “switch” color depending on various environmental changes.

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