New Nike sneakers themselves lace up and controlled from a smartphone

Nike begins tomorrow with the sale of the new Adapt BB 2.0 self-lacing sneakers.

This is an improved version of last year’s Adapt BB, which could lace up themselves, tighten the lacing tighter or weaker. Like its predecessors, Adapt BB 2.0 sneakers are aimed at basketball players. Sales in the United States will begin on February 16, the day of the All-Star Game of the NBA 2020. They cost $ 400, which is more expensive than last year’s $ 350.

According to Nike, sneakers are easier to put on and take off, elements of increased elasticity are added to the noses, and in general the second generation Adapt BB has become more convenient.

Like its predecessors, running shoes are connected to the application on the smartphone via Bluetooth. You can adjust the color, the density of the lacing, it is better to adjust the fit to the shape of the legs, and for each leg separately. It is also possible to control the buttons on the sole. Sneakers will need to be charged every two weeks using a special wireless station-mat.

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